Sneaky Peek!

I couldn’t resist posting a sneak peek of our newest villain in our real life superhero comic books. Her name is Belladonna Loveless and she’s ready to kick some ass. Well, she really just wants all the Jimmy Choos in town…will Liz Vicious and Penny Lane be able to stop her evil plan and save all the shoes in Roanoke? Stay tuned!


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LemonBride Shoot

After Erica and I did our superhero comic shoot, we shot a few for the new (and ultra-fabulous, just wait til you see it!) LemonBride website. I thought I’d show off the ones I didn’t pick (for that one, you can check out my profile page). The attempt was to show off both my love for weddings (see all the magazines?), my nerdiness (check out those glasses and video game controller!), and personal life (this is in my apartment, in my chair..with my dog.) Hope you enjoy that cute face (and Fisher’s too, har har). Happy mid-week ladies! Gotta go get ready for ThursdayPurseday!

This is my "killing aliens" face. I know.

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Tuesday Shoesday

MAN I love Tuesday Shoesday! As I write this, it’s actually Sunday afternoon and I couldn’t be happier spending time with JLo (ignoring me while yelling at the TN Titans game), Fisher, and a bunch of pretty shoes. I had some inspiration strike with this first pair of shoes–they’re from flippin’ PayLess of all places! I’ve never had much luck in Payless, but it never hurts to look when they have bargains. It’s not guaranteed these shoes would be very comfy, but they sure do look cute. I love a pair of Oxford heels, assuming they’re not so tall that I’ll be ready to get them the hell off my feet 10 minutes later (oh, let’s face it, that’s every pair of heels on me. Anything that isn’t a sneaker, flip flop, or boot makes my feet cranky). Check out these pretties!

Love this pair so much. The color, the cut, AND the price. I might go buy these JUST for a vintage shoot I want to do. I mean, at just 30 bones, I could afford to!

Fioni “Harlee” Lace Up Shootie $29.99 at Payless!


I’m not Jessica Simpson’s biggest fan, but I do think she can design some pretty shoes. Want proof? At almost $100, they’re a little steep for my wallet, but I sure like to look at these babies. How sleek are these with a pencil skirt and black stockings?!

Jessica Simpson "Kakie" $98.95


Love these pink ones with the bow for laces! An especially nice girly twist on what can sometimes be a stuffy shoe style.


Okay, not so Oxford-y, but Nine West shoes have always been a girl’s best friend. These are beautiful and come in other fun colors; I just happened to like the charcoal sparkle best!

Nine West "Expoze" $89

This one is a little less Oxford school girlish and more “kick some ass, take names, and look hot doing it in military boots” but I was curious to see what everyone thought of these. I don’t know if I love them, but something about them grabs my attention. I just can’t put my finger (or toe, har har) on it!

Wild Pair "Alaina" for $79.95


Want more pretty shoes to get you through your Tuesday? Check out a few of my favorite ladies that always have fabulous shoe picks (and if I missed you and need to be in the loop, holla at me!):

Happy Tuesday Shoesday gals!

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Monday Pretties

I know I showed some cute clothes on Friday but I wanted to show a few more things to get your Monday started. After all, the only cure for Monday sleepiness is to scout through pretty things that make you feel all warm and smiley.

I became a victim today. Of Etsy. Yes, Etsy managed to suck me in–one minute, it was only 3 in the afternoon and when I looked up again, it was 5.30 and JLo was telling me that dinner was ready! But I found so many cute things I just couldn’t help it. At least I lost a few hours of time dreaming and being inspired rather than just killing aliens on Halo 😉

How can you say no to any of these?

This bracelet was inspired by Sylvia Plath’s “I Am” quote. Love the double strand and the cute flower print inside!

Ponder & Stitch

Made by Ponder & Stitch

I find steampunk to be very interesting and cool. It’s not a theme I see myself decorating my whole house with, but the small details and unique style make it very recognizable. This ring is so cute that I immediately fell in love:

Steampunk Ring!

Steampunk Ring by SteamPunkTrunk

Details are what makes this wrist cuff!

Made by Waterrose

Brides will love this headpiece. Delicate, lacy, and romantic, it fits any bride’s idea of soft ethereal headgear:

Made by Twigs & Honey

And finally, this beautiful little bag that oozes class, sass, and so much more. That color is phenomenal!

Made by MariesCorner

Have any Etsy sellers you love or creations of your own? I’d love to see them! Happy Monday!

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Fashion Friday

I’m in some serious fall spirits lately and despite the fact the weather’s still a little warm in VA (probably where you are too!), I’m still desperate to get my boots and sweaters on. There are some absolutely amazing fall styles out there and I thought I’d perk up your Friday with a few pretty photos:

Check out these beautiful 2010 Marchesa gowns from Fall Fashion Week. While my figure would look more appropriate to a blueberry in that blue dress, I absolutely love the color and style. Those small details are so beautiful.


I LOVE these two looks. To me, they still look like school uniforms, but in a very modern and grown up take. The belt over the cardigan in the second photo might be my favorite part about both these looks!



This look is from Vancouver’s 2010 Fall Fashion Week. I’m not much for soft and girly, but this look is really pretty:


I’m a fan of the military look (keep in mind, I’m not enlisting any time soon, though!). But I like clean cut, in-control looks that appear strong. And I’m a big fan of boots, in case you forgot. Also, I look great in army green 😉


I also really like a camel colored anything-coat, boots, hats, whatever. It’s a great color and makes me feel all warm and snuggly.


Hope you all have a terrific Friday and weekend! I’ve got a date to take on two more villains for our comic strip. Wish us luck in the battle!

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Thursday Purseday

Aren’t themed days are just the most fun ever?! I want to get paid to sit on my computer and look at pretty things all day long. For serious-let me know if you can hook me up with that!

Thursday Purseday is so good, even my mom’s in on it. She sent me these two amazing Michael Kors bags, in addition to the giant Ralph Lauren green canvas tote below. How could one resist?!

Michael Kors "Hamilton" Tote


Michael Kors "Uptown Astor" Shoulder Tote


Ralph Lauren "Gloucestershire"


Fossil "Vintage Re-Issue Weekend" Bag


And as promised, here are those gorgeous girly bags I found last week that I’ve been oogling for the last four days! I’ve been so excited to show these off. I’m not usually a ruffles kinda gal, but they’re super in this season and I’m leaning a lot towards loving this trend. I’m one of the least girly girls ever, but I’d suck it up if it meant carrying these sweet things on my shoulder.

Steve Madden "Candy Shop"


Steve Madden "Scrunchie" Convertible Bag


Vince Camuto Layered-Ruffled Bag


Which one’s your favorite? I LOVE that Steve Madden Scrunchie bag for a night out on the town with your best girls!

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The Adventures of…

I am SO EXCITED to show off my real life superhero comic strip to you guys!!! I showed some sneak peeks, but me with my underpants on the outside of my clothes looks just plain silly out of context. So here it is(!!):

The Adventures of Liz Vicious & Penny Lane (An E Squared Playhouse Comic!)

What do you think?! Got any fun ideas for storylines/costumes/accessories, etc? I’ve got so many of our friends lining up at the tripod to be villains and heroes that I absolutely cannot wait to see how this blows up! Hope you enjoy, cause there will be many more to come 🙂 And as always, thanks so much for your support of my insanity 😉

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