Real Life Superhero Comic Strip

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In addition to looking at pretty wedding photos and working at a chocolate shop, my BFF/wifey Erica and I have a small photography business called E Squared Studios. We’re renovating our entire website look and are doing several shoots to get new material up. We’re known for bright and colorful backdrops, props, and fun things and I love creating more than just a “smile at the camera” photo. One of the best things we do is create photos for ourselves. Sure, it’s a marketing thing, but we love being in front of the camera sometimes, too. We set up big birthday parties, anti-Valentine’s Day shoots, and work on our blogs together. We act totally goofy and make sure people know we’re here for a great time.

I’ve been wanting to make a real life comic strip for about the last year or two. Erica and I finally sat down together to map out what we see for this project. Being the nerds we are, naturally suggested making a superhero comic strip. There’s nothing we like better than hot superheroes, so why can’t we try it out too?! I’m in the process of putting it into a comic strip, but wanted to show a couple of fun pictures so you can get an idea of where it’s headed. Obviously it’s not meant to be taken seriously, as I don’t think Erica and I have laughed so hard in our entire lives like we did yesterday.

And for the record, yes, we did indeed go out in the city dressed like crazies. We even went into my store and talked to my boss, who appeared less than surprised to see our silliness. I was actually surprised we didn’t get that many strange looks; guess people don’t mind seeing superheroes save their city.

The best part is, some of our very close friends have seen previews and now have to be involved. I can’t wait to do our next shoot, cause we’ve got a smoking hot blonde villainess who’s gotta absolutely rock it out. Can’t wait to show off the finished product!


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