I’m a Sucker for Commercialism.

09.6.2010 at 10:30 am 3 comments

So you know that Lowe’s commercial where the first time home owners couple talks about all their first time home problems? They call their parents when their room is like, REALLY GREEN!, when the dryer’s broken, when they have to fix the floor, and when he falls off the ladder on the roof. Then *poof* they’re at Lowe’s talking with their Savior Dudeman about how they shoulda gone there first.

The Lowe's house virgins

Depending on your take of this commercial (let’s assume they’re just being fun rather than suggesting all first time home owners are less-than-savvy), in my personal opinion, this is brilliant marketing. I mean, my forehead isn’t as large as this girl’s, to what apparently has a Facebook page dedicated, but I am that person who now wants a Lowe’s credit card with my own personal home helper elf to pick out the most affordable necessities.

Our house, while in terrific condition, needs a new coat of paint…and a dehumidifier in the basement and a new bathroom vanity, and cabinets in the kitchen and maybe a few other things. We’ve got the budget to get several of these things done before even moving furniture in, but of course we want to save yet expect great options and products. We’ve both become so excited about our plans that I almost can’t stand it.

So in addition to my favorite wedding blogs, trashy entertainment gossip, and nerdy information secretly stalking Chris Pine spots, you can also find me gazing upon shelving at Ikea, TVs at Best Buy, and paint and inspiration at Behr. I will beg for you to pretty please send me any ideas for modern and stylish yet extremely relaxed and comfortable furniture, home decor, and general living space. I need to spend more time in each space to get a better feel for color, but my initial reaction is grays in the bedrooms (pops of yellow), since the trim is white, then pale blue in the living room with the espresso dark trim and hopefully furniture. No idea for kitchen or bathroom. I need some HGTV in my life!


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A Buyer’s Market Tuesday Shoesday

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  • 1. Robin Chenery  |  09.7.2010 at 7:46 am

    It’s growing on me! It doesn’t look like you yet but it will…
    Love you,

  • 2. nichewhite  |  09.8.2010 at 11:11 pm

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t read any further than “my forehead isn’t as large as this girl’s” b/c I was laughing too hard. She IS slightly annoying looking…kinda Christina Ricci-ish…

    But seriously, congratulations on the house and I look forward to following this journey! I will live, and shop, vicariously through you.

    • 3. LemonBride  |  09.9.2010 at 8:41 am

      Haha I couldn’t believe it when I saw she had her own facebook page. Or her forehead had one, rather.
      Thanks for the congrats. When I post pictures and you start getting ideas, lend me some of that style of yours 🙂


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