Drawing Inspiration from Fashion

08.22.2010 at 12:23 pm 2 comments

I’ve never been one to understand fashion very well. Sometimes I think it’s just a little goofy. I’m usually the one to mock the crazy outfits (and whatever is on their heads, cause really? Sometimes it’s a bit much). And I know fully well those models would stand beside me and wonder how Fatty McFatterson wound up in her world. But the older I get, the more I see fashion as an art form-it’s just one I’ll never grasp, try, or succeed at. As the years have passed and the more Sex and the City I watched, the more I appreciated the hard work that goes into creating these pieces. I understand how Miranda whats-her-face from Devil Wears Prada explains fashion to Anne Hathaway’s character (and subsequently want every piece of Anne’s makeover wardrobe). And while I don’t really watch Project Runway anymore, and minus the potato-sack-into-a-dress type of challenges, I can see how hard it is to put your creativity and effort into these outfits as well.

So yesterday, while hunting down a birthday present for JLo (who’s 27 this Wed!), I somehow wound up in the magazine section of Target, facing ELLE and Vogue. I admit I have never bought either of these magazines, but for some reason, ELLE begged me to read it. To flip casually throughout the pages, marking poses I thought would work for my photography models, oogling the ad spaces, and desperately wanting half of the clothing I saw in the “562 pages of must-have dresses, jeans, jackets and heels.” And how could anyone resist finding out what jewelry goes with everything?!  For $5, I wanted to view their “Biggest Fashion Issue of the Year.” Fall’s my favorite season and with it comes the great clothes. I perused their website this morning and found many of the FAll 2010 Fashion lines and easily found so much inspiration in Vera Wang’s show. I’m a huge fan of grays and blacks in the fall and winter, so I was automatically drawn to the darker hues, sparkles, and fun of it all. It’s not something I could ever wear (the heels are too tall for my klutzy self and I live in a small city in Virginia, so people would look at me strangely), but I can appreciate it all the same. I can still gather ideas and inspiration for photo shoots, which is sometimes my favorite thing to do.

Here are some of my favorites from the collection:

This one? My favorite. Love the sparkles and femininity this dress carries.

To see the whole collection of Vera Wang’s 2010 Fall Line, click here:

VERA WANG 2010 Fall – VERA WANG Collections on ELLE.com.

Sunday=JLo’s breakfast, chocolate truffle coffee with ELLE viewage, house hunting this afternoon, and Chinese with friends at my place tonight before True Blood. Absolutely divine. Happy Sunday!


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Hot Bride Award: The Acceptance Speech Tuesday Shoesday! Hooray!

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  • 1. Jessica  |  08.22.2010 at 1:50 pm

    It’s collections like this that make you ready to say so long to the summer heat and hello to the crisp fall weather.

    • 2. LemonBride  |  08.22.2010 at 4:15 pm

      I know! I can almost smell the leaves. I’m so excited!


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