Notes To My Younger Self.

07.20.2010 at 7:35 pm 2 comments

You will think your best and favorite memories only pertain to college. While this is still 80% true, you will have luck making new ones.

You will get through the hard times. They make you stronger and give you character. (You know, like scars.)

You learn through mistakes. Stop being so damn hard on yourself when you make a few.

Worry less about what everyone thinks of you. They’re scared of you cause you don’t have time for quitters, whiners, or half-assed attempts in life. Focus on being the best you can be.

Soulmates are not something you’ll ever believe in. Until you meet your best friend/hoebag/wifey Erica. It’s okay that it’s not your future husband. This does not make you a lesbian.

Your mother is always going to be there for you. Even when you break your foot, need money for school, want a car, or hate your wardrobe. But especially during the heartache and happiness. Those are keys points you’ll need her.

You’re going to try about 982938 things before you find what you love to do. You’re going to think it’s Colorguard instruction, then radio DJ, then the Next Great American Novelist. That’s okay. And even then, you’ll keep trying for new opportunities.

Never stop searching for your new favorite thing. You can be satisfied with what you have, but it never hurts to want more for yourself.

On that same token, don’t go ruining a good thing just because you think something better is out there. That’s not how it works.

There are worse places to live than Farmville, VA.

For God’s sake, quit whining about your weight. Your future husband seriously will not notice. Go to the gym or shut it. Even after you break your foot (this one’s a little more for today’s self, too.)

Grow some self-esteem, cause most people generally think you’re pretty cute. You’ll learn this in college.

You’re never going to be a Romantic. Dudes are gonna love you for this. It’s okay not to care about flowers. The husband will buy you video games instead of bouquets for your birthday. Win-win.

You will always be a snob. You got it from your mom. You will never own shoes from Walmart. It just isn’t going to happen.

Whether you like it or not, money will always make or break a situation. It will run your life, because unfortunately, nothing in today’s world goes off sweetness or good looks. Unless you’re a prostitute. Avoid that.

Your life after college will strangely resemble your life before college. You’ll hate partying, the bar scene, and drunken morons. Only instead of being home at night with your mom, you’ll be with a boy and a dog.

You will never not be sarcastic or cynical. You will, however, try most days to make those lemons into lemonade. That might make up for the one-liners that spill out before you think them through.

What would you tell your younger self given the chance?


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A Year Ago. Something Old, Something New

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  • 1. Samantha Shay {photography}  |  08.17.2010 at 8:02 pm

    Was just writing you an email, and a severe episode of ADD had me reading the past few blog entries you wrote. I love this. My aforementioned affliction would usually keep me from getting through the whole thing. But you had me, love your spirit, honesty and zest. Isn’t that why they call you Lemon!? xo’s (my email will be sent now that I’ve been thoroughly distracted….by you, check inbox in 5).

    • 2. LemonBride  |  08.17.2010 at 8:18 pm

      Haha you’re too funny. I’m glad you liked it though! I can’t WAIT to get your featured photos up next week!! Thank you for this uplifting note 🙂


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