She’s Wearing a Piece!

07.7.2010 at 8:07 pm 5 comments

I am lucky to be blessed with great hair. I don’t mean this in a “have mercy, obsessive Uncle Jesse” kind of way, but I say it with pride. It’s always been one of my favorite physical features I list when you take those dumb surveys out of boredom. It’s a brown with natural reddish highlights in the sun. I’ve cut, styled, layered, dyed, and highlighted; yet my hair remains strong, shiny, and ridiculously soft. My hairdresser always runs her hands through it and comments on the velvety luck.

However. (Oh no. I didn’t come here to brag.) Despite my hair’s ability to rock a straight look or naturally curl for the heat or rain for me, it is stupid fine. Like, baby fine thin, not Justin Timberlake “I’d hit that” fine. It looks great for about 20 minutes until it grows limp and stringy, before I get annoyed and pull it back into its standard ponytail. This results in my very rarely wearing my hair down and almost never making it like that the whole day. Then there’s the whole act of it flying around my face; I always tuck my hair back because I don’t like it going all over the place (a convertible is my hair’s worst nightmare).

I know what you’re thinking. “Why don’t you just cut it all off then?” Because, my friends, short hair gives me pig face. You know—suddenly you’ve got chipmunk cheeks, double chins, 10 years added to your face, and a long 6 months ahead of you to somehow respectably grow it back out. There are so many women that look amazing with short, adorable, pixie cuts, but I’m too afraid to go there. So instead, I keep my hair long and in a variety of hairstyles (ponytail, braids, knots, etc.).

I decided years ago that if/when I got married, my hair would be pulled back. This way I don’t have to worry about wilting, stringy strands getting in my eyes or lip gloss. I can hopefully put it up once and be done with it. I have bangs on the side that I plan on keeping because I feel it’s the best look for me. I’ve also never cared much about the veil (not crazy about the tradition that began the veil. It’s the feminist in me.) So I’m choosing a beautiful, fabulous accessory instead. I’ve seen breathtaking flowerpieces, funky feathers, and adorable headbands.

The final insult to my hairdresser will include my own fake toupee, if you will. (I used to wear them for colorguard/marching band shows, but we all made a grab for any color resemblance; brown was usually the first to go, I wound up being fire engine red a lot. Um, no.) When my mom and I went prom dress shopping, we found these hairpieces that matched my exact color and looked like I had fantastically thick hair. It was perfect. It’s almost too convenient to have that turn my stick figure thin hair into a fake yet luscious ballerina bun. I don’t want a super strict bun that will pull my eyebrows back and make it look as though I’ve Botoxed the night before, but I’m finding some pretty ways to make it chic and simple.

So here are some gorgeous styles I’ve been considering for my own day. I’m a big fan of the low side bun. It adds a bit of interest since it’s not a normal bun in the very back. And I’m super into the fantastic accessory. Flowers are beautiful and I love feathers, so I think we’ll know it when we see it.

I love the softness of that hairstyle. It’s pulled back out of her face, but it’s still got texture and movement. I would want my hairpiece to be a bit bigger than the one in this photo, but I love the curls. According to the side note, this bride also has very fine hair, so it was curled then pinned back.

This of course, goes against everything I just said about wearing my hair pulled back, but I love the side ponytail. I think this is just beautiful. But of course, my hair is nowhere near that thick. My entire ponytail is about a third of that one in the photo!

And always, true to my namesake, here’s Tina Fey with a gorgeous hairstyle that I’d love to steal. I don’t know how the heck she did it, but I’d like to try it out and see how it looks on this Lemon.

What are your thoughts on women’s fake toupees and wedding hairstyles? What are you planning to do or what did you do?

Happy (almost) weekend loves!


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  • 1. tenthoubride  |  07.7.2010 at 10:30 pm

    WEAR IT! I love the second style with the delicate little piece in it. That’s my vote. I’ve got the baby-hairs as well, cursed. And I say: Rock the hairpiece woman!

  • 2. Debbie @ Bridalhood  |  07.8.2010 at 11:16 am

    I love that second style and I say definitely rock the piece!

  • 3. weddingsweets  |  07.11.2010 at 5:27 pm

    I love the low, loose, side bun too! And the Tina Fey look is great!

  • 4. Jen  |  07.14.2010 at 5:14 pm

    The third from last photo was the same photo I used for inspiration when having my hair done for my wedding. It turned out FABULOUS and I loved the way it looked. I used a larger hair piece as well, and had it positioned a bit higher. It’s a fab choice!

    • 5. LemonBride  |  07.14.2010 at 5:29 pm

      Awesome! I’m so glad to get some good feedback from a bride who’s already tested it out for me. So it stayed out of your face, stayed pretty all night, etc? *Whew!* That’s fantastic!


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