5 Things You Didn’t Know

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Since I’ve been a serious slacker on the posts, I just wanted to remind you I’m still here. I’m writing my next post about starting and editing several times over, the invitation list. How do you go from the 100 people you know (each) to 50 apiece? I feel as though I can’t do much about venue and catering until I know a fair guesstimate of how many loved ones to count. Any advice for this? It’s definitely appreciated!

So to make up for the lack of posts, here’s 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lemon:

1.) I want to be just like Avery Jessup from 30 Rock when I grow up. I feel she’s my fictional corporate equal. I mean, in real life, I’m totally Lemon (the brunette in the back) with nerdy glasses, jeans, and the ability to eat large amounts of cheese.

Avery, however, is commanding, smart, witty, and as Jack Donaghey says, “Her laugher is like music…really mean music. She wears nothing but high heels because she thinks flats are for quitters.” Plus, just look at her (as she points out after jogging in the park how hot she is. Oh, she knows.).

2.) My imaginary childhood best friend was the Nutcracker. Yes, as in Clara and ballet Nutcracker.

3.) I was a radio DJ in college-both on college radio and WFLO fm, the local Farmville station. I did an internship with ClearChannel and lived with my brother for a summer. Best. Summer. Ever. Well, this year is topping it, but you get my point. I was a badass. My DJ name was Liz Vicious. (Yes, I now know that is a porn star’s name. I didn’t know this when the nickname was given to me. It’s not my fault.) I play(ed) rock and roll. I still miss radio everyday.

4.) I am writing a book. It’s a nothing, fun for me, fantastical fiction piece that I kinda sorta hope gets published one day. I’m nowhere near finished, but I intend to submit it once complete. I’ve dreamed of seeing my own book in print since I was a kid.

5.) I love the Princess Diary movies. Something about this is always so heartwarming. I love Anne Hathaway. Chris Pine (Kirk from Star Trek) as the prince in #2 isn’t bad, either.

So there you are. 5 Things you didn’t know about me. What’s something weird of yours?


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