Chucks vs. Stilettos

06.21.2010 at 4:18 pm 1 comment

Not to be a big tease, but I’ve got fantastic news that I can’t announce quite yet. But in preparation for said news, I’ve had to sit back and think about my biography. How would you sum yourself up in less than 500 words? How do you manage to convey your personality, your love of all things nerd, your (hopefully) lovable wit and sarcastic charm, with just a handful of vernacular? It’s tougher than you think. Go ahead, open a fresh new sheet of Word document and try it for yourself. I’ll wait.

There are days when I think I’m an incredibly simply person. I pull my hair back in ponytails, choose Chucks over heels, and 95% of the time, choose to stay in with my dog rather than go out to “party.” But then I think to my wedding wants and realize that, like Shrek says, there are layers to every person. I threw a fancy New Year’s party just to buy a pretty dress and wear black heels. I imagine my reception to look very Hollywood glam. My imagination runs wild when I go to set up my photo shoots, with eye-popping makeup and beautiful colors. I drool over gorgeous, tall wedding shoes, but then remember I’d either break my ankle (or in my case, a foot) or immediately take them off at the reception because I’m all about comfort. Do I want clean, fresh faced makeup or have my eyes smoked up for wedding photos? I’m always torn in several directions; that’s the problem with wedding planning. It isn’t that I can’t find things I love-it’s that I find too much!

99% of the time I will choose comfort over fashion. There’s nothing I like more than pajamas the second I get home from work. But on the one day where I have every excuse in the world to get all dolled up, how will I choose to look? I want to be myself (meaning less than 2 inches of foundation and eyeshadow), but I also want to look better than ever before. I suppose I’ll have to have a couple of wedding makeup trials before making final decisions. Have you had, or currently having, this problem? What’s your solution?

I can’t wait to share my fun news with you. Soon! In the meantime, I’ll keep editing and rewriting that Word document and kick it in my Chucks…or just the left one, for the moment.


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  • 1. Robin Chenery  |  06.22.2010 at 6:19 am

    Cool pictures of Nashville. Not worth the move back however. We will find a place. No worries (can you imagine me saying that?) Ha! Funny funny blog! No chucks at the wedding! I would look silly!
    Love you,


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