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I’m from a small town in VA. I went to college in an even smaller town-yes, called Farmville, VA (Longwood represent!). I was used to living in small areas. And then I moved to Nashville, with its largeness and big city lights. I lived there for 2 years; I don’t regret moving back to VA, but I do have one gigantic complaint: Roanoke has almost zero amazingly cool places to get married. At least none that I can find, anyways. In Nashville, there are a hundred and one amazing venues to get married and that’s not including the outdoors ones like parks or sanctuaries! My first thought goes straight to Mercy Lounge & Cannery Ballroom-that’s definitely where I would’ve wanted to get married and have a reception.

However, if you google (don’t you love that “google” is now a real verb?) “Roanoke, VA wedding venues”, do you know what the first suggestion is? The Holiday Inn. The Holiday flippin’ Inn, people. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve photographed a couple smaller weddings and one did happen to be at a hotel of some sort-it was nicely done, but it still wasn’t something I ever saw for myself. But it’s really quite disheartening when your choices are either the local hotel or somewhere outdoors on a plantation. And if you read my last post, you know that barns, plantations, vineyards, and-let’s face it-small hotels with cheap carpeting are just not gonna cut it for me.

After some serious digging (aka page 13 of said google search), I’ve managed to add a couple places to the “acceptable venues” spreadsheet.

There’s the Jefferson Center (which, conveniently, is directly across the street from where I currently reside, though we plan to be in a house elsewhere by ceremony time):

The Vinton War Memorial, which, while a gorgeous photo homepage, still seems a bit too “Southern sweet tea” for me:

And the O. Winston Link Museum, which seems to be the most affordable at first glance (but then there’s the whole “It’s a transportation museum and the art is of trains, and…are you asleep from boredom?!” factor):

I’m sure there are others, but I was really aiming for a location that offered space for both ceremony and reception. I figured this way I could not only save money, but save everyone the stress of driving to a new location, etc, etc. Of course, nothing can be decided on or even so much as considered until a serious talk and walk happens, so I’m nowhere near stressing…yet. I’m more or less annoyed that I left a huge city for a great, smaller city, but with way less party-friendly spaces.

If only the 5-star restaurant 202 Market had another space for a ceremony. Cause check this out:

How gorgeous is that lighting? I totally dig it; I really love the current trend of relaxing lounge areas. It’s also downtown, right around the corner from my store, chocolatepaper. It’s one of the more modern spots in town, from what I gather. Granted, the ceremony and reception in one location issue isn’t a total dealbreaker, but man I like the convenience!

There’s also the Hotel Roanoke, which is easily the most popular wedding venue in town. This makes me automatically shy away from it because for one, it’s not extremely unique (I hate a cliche), and two, I know how expensive it is and I can’t hire my own caterers (I kind of already have my heart set on one, wallet pending).

So my new goal is to overcome this silly “I live in the South, so here’s my barn venue” stereotype that google wants to put me in and find a fantastic, city-esque location that will put that picnic table in the park to shame. (Shame, I tell you.) I never dreamt a lot about my wedding, but now that I do, by god it WILL be indoors and city glam!


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