Encounters of the Concrete Kind

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You know from my previous entry that I went on vacation to visit my amazing sister Julie. It was a fabulous time-good food, fruity adult beverages, sun, sand, and lots of swimming. This pale Irish girl even got herself a nice tan.

My MOH Erica w/ Superman bangs on the boat; me on right w/ aviators and giraffe neck

However, the trip was slightly marred with an unfortunate incident. My sister had to work on Friday, our second day there. After a day of walking in the nicest mall I’ve ever seen (an American Express carrier’s dream: Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Saks, Sephora, an Apple store (!!)…the list goes on and on), and some picture taking out on Blowing Rocks, my brother in law took us out to dinner. Afterwards, we decided to go to the nearby bar by boat; I didn’t realize we were going to a bar, and had to run back inside to grab my ID. As I ran back outside, I tripped on a teke mat on the front stoop and my right foot went out from under me. I heard a “pop” before abruptly falling on my butt while Erica and Matt asked if I was okay and the 3 blonde labs inside tried to give me a pony ride out to the driveway.

The next morning’s visit to urgent care proved a broken foot. The rest of the weekend was spent on my sister’s couch in the evenings, but during the day, I laid out on the float, working on my tan and swimming since it didn’t hurt to bob in the water. My sister was kind enough to wait on me hand and foot, bringing us cocktails and anything else she thought I might need. She got me a pedicure so my unbroken toes still look pretty. I am so incredibly grateful to her and if I had to break anything anywhere, at least it was with her, who knew exactly how to handle the situation and save me some dollars in the process. Erica was chief navigator of the airport waters, getting wheelchairs and hunting down lunch on the layover. I am seriously so, so glad she was with me. I have zero idea what I would’ve done without her, besides be miserable.

A trip to my local orthopedic doctor put me in a giant boot that is not unlike Iron Man. I wear this 24/7, keeping all weight off, for 3 weeks. After that, an x-ray and hopefully a walking cast. This means I am out of work for 3 weeks. On the upside, this means I have lots of time to scour the interweb for wedding inspiration. I have no other option but to look on the brighter side of things-it’s not like I crashed my car and can still walk to work. I broke my foot for heaven’s sake! I know there’s not a thing I can do about it except keep off it and let it heal ASAP so I can get back to life as I know it. Crutches are tough, but at least it’s not surgery.

So the Iron Man boot and I get to watch movies, play video games, and spend lots of time on the computer looking at pretty images my Twitter wedding ladies provide me for inspiration. (XOXO)

I’ll be around…well, mostly in just the one place, but you get the idea. Too bad I’m not back here though!:

Happy weekend!


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