Inspiration: Blueberry

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I am in love. And no, I don’t mean with Jason…

I mean with The Perfect Palette’s inspiration board of blueberry!

The Perfect Palette's Blueberry Board

Don’t you just want to eat every bit of those photos up?! Her latest inspiration has been summery fruits, like lemons (hooray!), pears, and plums. They make for delicious photos. Remember when I said that I was just kinda hoping she would post “my” colors and I would know them when I saw them? While I won’t make any definitive decisions just yet, I feel like this color palette may be mine. The color can still be used for November and while I may not make the secondary color white, I absolutely adore that slate blue she’s picked in addition.

I’ve been thinking of colors a lot lately, trying to get inspired to see what might match with some sort of dark, beautiful blue. So naturally, I begged my Twitter people (Tweeps?)  for advice and received tons of helpful suggestions. My favorite was by Le Chic Wedding:

@LemonBride Do more of a darker yellow (more mustard) with accents of greys, and midnight blue!

I love the idea of incorporating yellows in (I mean…I think you get it, right?), but when I think “yellow” I automatically jump to bright, sunshiny yellow, which is far more summery than what I’d like for November. However, I never considered a richer tone. Mustard! I like mustard (on my sandwiches, on my shirt…)!

Gray appears to be a super hot color right now and I’ve seen some absolutely phenomenal weddings that are using shades of gray. I was reading an article the other day about “trendy” colors and things for weddings, but the message of the entry was about staying true to you. Even if what I like is trendy now and then not so much later, as long as I love it, that’s really what matters. Luckily, most people at my wedding won’t know what’s trendy with wedding decor (since no one I know is a wedding planner) and will just think everything’s awesome anyways. (Keepin’ my fingers crossed…)

I pulled this photo off of The Perfect Palette’s same blueberry entry. Those bridesmaids’ dresses are beautiful! I love the sweetheart neckline as well as the magnificent color, but even with that long gown, it’s pretty versatile in being casual and/or glamourous for any occasion. I’m not planning on making my ladies wear long dresses; my one request from a bridesmaid was “no tea length” because apparently, that’s the only type she’s ever worn and she’s been in quite a few the last couple of years. What I want to do is pick a color for the dresses and then let the girls go to town and pick whatever dress they want-that way everyone wins.

But first, color schematics. So how about those blueberries?!

Happy weekend!


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