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Or, Why Liz and Jason Work:

Our first photo together, 2004

Jason is unassuming; he is an observer first and foremost. This makes him one of the best judges of character I’ve ever met. He can be quiet until you get to know him and then suddenly, he’s the funniest person you know. He makes me laugh a thousand times a day and has no shame in being silly to get a giggle out of me. I forgive him for being a Duke fan; we agree to never watch basketball together in March. His laidback attitude complements my bossy, high-strung one. He forgives my cynical, sharp tongue as long as he’s not the subject (and then he gives it right back to me).

We rarely agree on music, but we listen to each other’s cd’s on road trips anyways (often Bob Dylan vs. Lady Gaga). He never stops comparing situations to “The Wire” but accepts my “Criminal Minds” marathons. In the theater, he prefers dramas while I like action/adventure/thriller, but I’m willing to marry him if he’ll still watch the “Indiana Jones” and superhero movies with me when we’re old. We both use television references to real life situations, often at the same exact time by accident (we watch way too much 30 Rock). He surprises me with random information I mentioned weeks ago and puts up with my tuning him out unintentionally (oops!).

I am not a very mushy person. I am cynical and sarcastic and don’t take things very seriously. That’s probably his favorite part about marrying me. He goes out to get medicine and soup when I’m sick. He keeps playing Mario even when I get impatient, jump ahead and accidentally kill him. I occasionally try to understand his sports language. He loves me, even after I kept a Taylor Lautner poster on our apartment wall. He learned how to make my favorite drink (Asian Pear Mojito). He supports everything I do, even if he thinks it’s ridiculous or a tough road ahead. I believe in him, even when he doesn’t. I moved 10 hours away to Nashville to support him; he moved 10 hours back to stay with me to be with our families. He never wanted a dog, until he got me one for Christmas. And when Oliver died 3 months later, he cried harder than I did; a week later, we had to get Fisher because neither of us could stand being in the house without our dog-child.

We’ve been through it all–6.5 years of college, campus dates, long-distance dating (we made it through thanks to watching the same Friday night movies and two hours on the phone afterwards), baby nephews (4 with 1 more on the way!), deaths (friends, family, and pets), fights, friends, birthdays, holidays. And now we’re growing up, buying a house soon, getting married. It’s frightening how happy we are. He’s never once doubted we’d make it through the tough stuff and still be together. He’s always believed in us. We’ve been together longer than most married couples and twice as long as Hollywood relationships. Quick-witted, kind, and one of the smartest people I know, he’s not just great on paper–he’s better in person.

We are opposite in so many ways and because of that, we work. I’m impatient, short-tempered, bossy, overly ambitious, and extra critical of myself. He is calm, relaxed, supportive, complimentary, and seems relatively okay with my wearing the pants of the duo as long as he can watch ESPN and occasionally have band practice in the apartment. The best part? He’s letting me handle the entire wedding as long as someone tells him where and when to show up. Love him.

Us on my 25th birthday party




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  • 1. Robin Chenery  |  05.18.2010 at 6:37 am

    Very sweet! Can’t believe how long your hair was in college! You are so smart & witty & talented! How did I get so lucky? I truly marvel at the woman you are and admire your personality so much. You are so strong…where did you get that from? Wherever….I’m glad you are who you are and proud beyond words! Have a lovely “jammie day”
    Love you,


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