STD (har har) Cards

05.10.2010 at 10:17 pm 1 comment

While nothing has been set in stone as far as a date goes, I really like looking at Save the Date (further known as STD-get your giggles out now, kids) cards. There are just so many options you can go with-modern and sleek, playful or sarcastic, romantic, colorful…the adjectives list on and on. While I would initially say I have very modern tastes, I like the idea of quirky, unique ideas that really show off mine and Jason’s creative sides. I would never in a million years pick anything (wedding related or otherwise) considered mushy/romantic/goopy, because that’s pretty much the opposite of everything we believe in. We are sarcastic, silly, and poke fun at pretty much everything.

My prime example for today? I told Jason last night it might be fun to take dance lessons and impress our guests with twirls and grooves. Jason, in turn, posted this on his Facebook page this morning:

“Liz mentioned maybe taking dance classes for our wedding, I’m thinking I may have found a cheaper, and obviously better, alternative.

This resulted in numerous comments from our friends who, naturally, side with him and think we should bust out *NSYNC and Britney moves. (Joke’s on them–I STILL remember how to dance to “Bye Bye Bye”-the first 2 concerts I ever attended!!)

Basically, he and I are completely ridiculous. We have no need for ooey-gooey exclamations of love, but seeing as how he and I really do love each other, I still want our STD cards and invitations to express our sincere love and appreciation for our guests. We’re going up to Longwood University, our alma mater, to take some engagement photos in the next few months (preferably fall, in my opinion), and I’d like to put one of those photos on the cards. But seeing as how most people can see those photos online, I also like the idea of something extra fun and quirky, like a choose your own adventure book turned card; a photobooth film strip, which I know are super popular these days; and while I love the idea of making a video, I wouldn’t even know the first place to start.

So I’ll think on it. After all, no date’s been settled and STD cards don’t technically get sent out until some weeks before the actual wedding. But I’ll take any ideas I can get and will do some serious sleuthing online to get some inspiration. In the meantime, I better go remember how to bust a move Justin Timberlake style.



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  • 1. Robin Chenery  |  05.12.2010 at 1:07 pm

    HYSTERICAL! I laughed my ass off! The FH does have a sense of humor! yea!
    Love ya,


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