Mom Visit: It’s Official

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My mom came up to Roanoke to see me today (Mother’s Day!); we had the best time! It started with her lugging in a giant, extremely cute pink and green bag (monogrammed with my name on it), filled with goodies. Then to Barnes & Noble for bridal magazine browsing and coffee, lunch at Panera, grocery shopping at heaven (also known as the Fresh Market), then back to my apartment for more bridal mag discussion. She’s one of the main reasons I moved back to Virginia after living in Nashville, TN for 2 years. We now feel so lucky to live only an hour and a half apart; I went from only seeing her 3 or 4 times a year to once every 5 or 6 weeks and it’s one of the best parts about being back in Virginia.

My mom and I know each other so well that it’s almost ridiculous. We usually end up picking the same things when it comes to just about everything–food, clothing, and as it turns out, wedding-related stuff. I had some pages pulled from magazines to show her (dresses, hair, colors) and she agreed on 99% of it. She was surprised at one of my favorite dresses I had picked, but still loved it all the same. Here was my favorite dress out of the entire Knot Magazine Spring 2010 mag:

Dress, “Ambrosia” by Janet Nelson Kumar

Evidently, it’s a favorite for many brides, as it’s one of her featured ones on her main website . It’s classy and elegant, with an understated simpleness that I feel would really shine up close. I like the cut and shoulders a lot. I’m not usually one for lacy fabrics, but I really love the simple elegance of this one. Then again, maybe it’s really pretty on paper and not so much on me. We’ll see.

Mom and I also agreed on hairstyles (a low side bun with side-swept bangs that are already functional on my forehead), veils (no thank you), and dresses (no Cinderella ballgowns), as well as venues (just one for both ceremony and reception-less stress and dollars involved). There’s a (very tentative) date, no honeymoon plans, and honestly, the only things that are certain are the things I DON’T want!

On a side note that’s been driving me crazy, is it really that difficult to find other brides who also expresses zero desire for outdoor weddings? I am not a fan of the great outdoors. I own a copy of The Offbeat Bride‘s (first and hilarious) book, and I really took to heart her advice of making sure your personality shines in your wedding. Meaning, I hate the outdoors, so why in the world would I suddenly traipse outside to get married on a gazebo? It’s fantastic for some people and truly gorgeous when it’s a lovely day, but I’d rather avoid all stress and drama of impending weather of doom, as well as knowing that if I do indeed get married in November, I need to prevent my guests from freezing. (And while we’re at it, just because I type in “fall wedding” doesn’t mean I want orange, black, pumpkin, gourds, and autumn leaves for decor.) I’m just curious if there are other people who feel this way, because it sure it hard to find them. Maybe this will be easier when fall and winter weddings are being featured.

It was such a great visit and now I feel like wedding planning can officially begin. The wedding still won’t happen for at least a year and a half, but it gives us time to think on everything, then carefully choose it all. There are so many details that we can’t forget, so having all this time will really help. It also helps my mom is the Queen of Organization. No chance on Earth I could do any of this without her! I also told her the somewhat big news that at the end of our lease in January (since we just re-signed to stay in our apartment), Jason and I will start house-hunting in the fall! Growing up is weird to do.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, as well as to all the other women who put their heart and souls into their kids. My mom is the best example I know of being a GREAT mom. As I’ve gotten older, our bond has only gotten stronger. I know that my wedding is going to be unbelievable and it’s going to be because of her.

Me and my mom, 2007



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