Wedding Showdown: Cupcakes vs. Cake

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I’m not a giant fan of cake. My mom says when I was a kid, at birthday parties and other events, it was usually the last thing on my mind. I’d eat a couple of bites, then go off to open presents or play. It’s similar even now; at weddings, I tend to take a bite or two, then scurry off to dance, talk with people, or in most cases, go take photos (since I’ve been the photographer at the last 5 weddings). And I hate to say it, but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had really delicious cake that I simply couldn’t stand to leave sitting on the plate. And girls, let me just state how important this is: I rarely back away from food! I have a sweet tooth like no other. I work at a place called chocolatepaper, for heaven’s sake! I’m around cases of truffles and chocolates all day, every day, so backing down from sugar is something to which I will never admit defeat.

I’ve noticed it’s becoming more of a trend, but I’m really into the cupcakes instead of cake scene. It pains me to see how much cake is left over at weddings, only to be thrown out. How much money is wasted? Enough to make me cry for that bride, that’s how much. I don’t want to spend a gazillion dollars on a pastry I won’t have time to eat or let it be wasted. So I think cupcakes are the perfect solution! They’re small bites and super portable, so people can grab and go. And let’s admit it: they’re ridiculously cute if done right.

I'm in love w/ these. Beautiful! Blue and White Wedding Cupcakes by Sugarbloom Cupcakes (Australia)

The detail here is phenomenal! Wedding Cupcakes by Sugarbloom Cupcakes (Australia)

The best part is all the flavors they now come in. Chocolate and Vanilla? While yummy, they are flavors of the past! For example, Bubblecake has so many different flavors, it’s mind-boggling. We’re talking Mexican Hot Chocolate, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Tiramisu, French Toast…the list goes on! (Aren’t you now jealous one of their locations is just 2 blocks from my store and apartment? Geez…reading this post, you’d swear I weighed about 800 pounds.) On a side note, go check out their website and you can sign up to get a free cupcake during your birthday month. I got my Black and White cupcake in March, which was basically a brownie cupcake (I dare you to get in between me and a brownie!) with vanilla bean icing and molten chocolate over that…cripes. Despite the brush with sugar shock, it was quite honestly the best cupcake I’ve ever had the joy of consuming.

Bubblecake, Photo by Kevin Hurley

Bubblecake, Photo by Kevin Hurley

Cupcakes are easy to make if you’re on a serious budget, too. My photography partner and I had a shoot where we did cupcakes and ended up with about 30 left over. They made pretty tasty treats the next day (and the day after that, and the day after that…) We made them ourselves and while I probably would rather shoot myself than stress out over making 150 or so cupcakes for a wedding, I know that some brides love doing stuff like that. And if done right, they can be super cute (forgive my less-than-professional cupcakes. I’m more about aesthetics than baking):

Photo by E Squared Studios

Photo by E Squared Studios

So in my world, cupcakes beat cake, hands down. I’m all about adorable, portable cupcake lovin’. This is where I fall into the more non-traditional, modern side of bride. But what do you think, lovely brides and wives? What did you have at your wedding? I’m set on cupcakes, but would love to know what you did to make your cake your own!



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