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05.2.2010 at 3:15 am 1 comment

As I’m still in the recently engaged category of wedding planning, I haven’t decided on much of anything. Jason, the groom, and I have discussed who our bridal party consists of, as well as possible dates (FYI: we’d like to stick to less expensive months, like November, January, February, or March!). I’m not entirely sure what order in which you’re supposed to do things. I’ve got figuring out how many people are invited, as well as picking a venue, then caterer and photographer, but I also know that colors are a good thing to have in the beginning, too. For me, this is HARD!

I’m a color-lover. I’m big into bright colors, which usually translates into summertime (lime greens, hot pinks, teal, etc.). However, if we did decide on November (5th of 2011, to be exact), then that technically means a late fall/winter wedding. I like the idea of darker colors because they feel a bit more dramatic, more glamorous, than say, a preppy pink theme (I’ll go ahead and let you know, I have zero problems with that–to each her own. It’s just not really what I see for myself). I’ve played around with the idea of midnight blues with silvers; I like the old Hollywood feel it gives me, as well as the overall tones that go nicely with a November date.

However, I’ve also been super in love with peacock colors. The electric blues, zesty lime green, and royal purples are just gorgeous. (On a side note, because I will more than likely make a Liz Lemon/30 Rock reference throughout-this past week’s episode brought in a real peacock for Jack Donaghy and I almost died at how beautiful it was). The color is just magnificent! I also love teal and brown together; most of my apartment is done in pale blue and brown, and while I don’t want those colors for my wedding (since I live in them), I like chocolate brown being an accent, as well as the fact that it goes with a fall date.

So I’m throwing out three of my very favorite combination photos from one of my very favorite websites, The Perfect Palette. She’s flippin’ BRILLIANT at putting together colors and even when the entries are about colors I don’t normally go for, when I see her visual ideas, it makes me drool on my keyboard a little. Her eye for color is ridiculously amazing and I visit her blog and her twitter at least 6 times a day. If you have a spare minute, go visit her website, fo’ sho’! Look, I’m even including its very own link so you don’t have to search within my paragraphs:

The Perfect Palette

Anyways, here are my favorite listings for the colors I’ve mentioned above.

Peacock, Navy & Gray:

Teal & Chocolate Brown:

Midnight Blue & Silver:

Again, these are all her; I stake no claims except being in love with all of them. I think that’s my main problem. It’s not picking the right color because I can’t make it fit. It’s picking the right color because I love them all so much! I’m mostly hoping she just picks the exact right ones for me and I’ll know it when I see it. But seeing as she gets a million requests a day for them–gah! Any advice for a theoretical November bride who’s in love with the color blue?


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  • 1. Kassi  |  05.11.2010 at 12:32 am

    I LOVE the teal and chocolate brown together. Love, love, LOVE it!


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