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Whoops! Maybe you haven’t heard…we expanded to take over our own domain (just a start…we’ve got our eye on the world!). Please head over/bookmark this page from here on out:




Thanks! Have a great day!

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My Last Post….

from THIS blog 😉 I plan on running errands this morning, lunchin’ with my wife before she goes camping for the weekend, then proceed to stare at my computer screen until my eyeballs hurt. And then finish what I started on Sunday. But so far, it looks ridiculously amazing. I’m so excited for you guys to see it!

Ladies and…well, mostly ladies, may I present a hint of the new LemonBride website coming atcha on Monday:

So what do you think? If you can’t tell it’s my new logo and I’d love feedback 😉

Have a GREAT weekend and keep an eye out for the new website reveal because it’s going to be better than…well, I’d say my comic strip, but that’s pretty much an even keel right there 😉

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Let’s round up some pretties, gals!

My mom found this site for me called Fortune Dynamics and I love all these shoes!



She also found me this site called LuLu’s that carries fantastic shoes. Just look at these babies made for rock and roll betties like me 😉

Qupid System 208 $43!

Not Rated Kiss and Tell $57

Wild DIva Plosive 11 Bootie $26.95

Favorites below!! I love the little zipper flower. I got a shirt at Target that would match these perfectly, at least in the zipper part. I’d MAKE it work, dammit.

Qupid System 187 $33.50

Which ones are your favorites? And don’t forget to check out my fellow shoe shoppers (and if you think you belong on this list, holla at me. I’m all about group love..er, wait…):

Happy Tuesday ladies! Let’s have a great week!

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We’ll Call This West Elm Wednesday

I want to live in the West Elm store. No, seriously. When we lived in Nashville, I’d drive over to Green Hills JUST for a visit to West Elm (okay, and Trader Joe’s too…I miss them). West Elm always has tasteful, modern furniture that makes my soul happy. If money were no issue, I’d buy the hell out of their furniture, rugs, curtains…you get the idea. I’d buy the flippin’ store, okay?

As we’re seeing the end of the tunnel with home ownership paperwork and getting into the actual living aspect, I’m trying to do more research on things like furniture shopping, paint colors that I won’t want to change a month later, and little things that are slightly boring but necessary, like picking new ceiling fans or lights. I’m a modern kind of gal, but I love comfort. I want my living room to be someplace a person can walk into and immediately want to curl up in a chair with coffee and a book. West Elm has always given me that kind of fuzzy feeling. Check out some of my at-first-glance picks (you can click on the photos to see the source page, as well as pricing if you love it as much as I do!):

Seriously, how could someone not want to live in these spaces? Modern but comfortable, organized, and homey. There’s nothing about this store I don’t love (well…maybe their prices. I’d totally be willing to pay what they ask if I weren’t a poor soul paying for an upcoming house and wedding). What are some of your favorite places to home shop? I need the advice because Roanoke has neither a West Elm or an equivalent!

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Tuesday Shoesday

Gooood morning lovelies! It’s (one of) our favorite day(s) of the week! You girls ought to be proud of me-on my day off Monday, the wifey and I went to TJ Maxx to poke around and see what was in. They had an AMAZING pair of GUESS pumps that were super glittery (with tons of sparkle) for $40. I seriously almost bought them, but I managed to restrain myself because for one, I need a dress before picking out shoes like that and two, I tried them on and as Joey Lawrence says, WHOA!! Almost broke my ankle in the store, they were so slick (in every sense of the word). I helped talk Erica into buying a great pair of those crazy-comfy sweater boots, but mostly because I want to borrow them 😉

Tuesday Shoesday! Here we go!

I got all this great pair off Kohl’s, believe it or not. I cannot wait until we get our Kohl’s store next year in Roanoke! Vera Wang at affordable prices? Win!

Vera Wang Iso Peeptoe Booties $79.99


Oh, Zappos, I love your wide variety of sky high pumps, cozy boots, and, as you dub them, “Sexy Shoes” (their term, not mine, I swear. I abhor calling things “sexy.” It’s a weird thing about me).

Not Rated "Kiss n Tell" $59.95


Betsey Johnson "Neely" $169


These babies are just for Cindy cause I know she loves her leopard print 😉 xoxo lady!

Betsey Johnson "Walland" $169


And just for funsies since they’re SO LEMONY FRESH!!

Steve Madden "Caryssa" $80.96 (on sale!)


Which ones are your favorite? And don’t forget to check out my shoe shoppers in crime!:

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Mischka Monday

Thanks to some of my favorite girls I’ve fallen a little in love with Badgley Mischka gowns. The details are gorgeous on top of already amazing fabrics. Check out these unbelievably beautiful Badgley Mischka Winter gowns. I can’t get over how stunning they are! Here are just a few (I snagged these all from InsideWeddings):

Which one of these is your favorite? The back of that last one is absolutely beautiful, but I love the detail and amazingness that is dress 3. While I zero doubts all these dresses are far out of my price range, they sure are nice to look at!

Badgley Mischka Winter 2010 Bridal Runway | InsideWeddings.com.

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Thursday Purseday

Let’s face it, you don’t come here to hear me talk all the time. Especially not on Thursday Purseday. Let’s show these bad boys off! Apparently I’m into the rocker studded look today…minus that one beautiful peach colored ruffly bag (I’m a complicated shopper). Best part? Found all of ’em in one place at Baghaus!

Urban Expressions "Erica" Hobo $65

Big Buddha "Mia" Bag-$90

Steve Madden "Grace" bag $90

Melie Bianco "Katelyn" $80

Big Buddha "Daisy" $82

Ebisu "Wendy" Ruffled Messenger $45

Have a LOVELY day my friends!

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Sneaky Peek!

I couldn’t resist posting a sneak peek of our newest villain in our real life superhero comic books. Her name is Belladonna Loveless and she’s ready to kick some ass. Well, she really just wants all the Jimmy Choos in town…will Liz Vicious and Penny Lane be able to stop her evil plan and save all the shoes in Roanoke? Stay tuned!

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LemonBride Shoot

After Erica and I did our superhero comic shoot, we shot a few for the new (and ultra-fabulous, just wait til you see it!) LemonBride website. I thought I’d show off the ones I didn’t pick (for that one, you can check out my profile page). The attempt was to show off both my love for weddings (see all the magazines?), my nerdiness (check out those glasses and video game controller!), and personal life (this is in my apartment, in my chair..with my dog.) Hope you enjoy that cute face (and Fisher’s too, har har). Happy mid-week ladies! Gotta go get ready for ThursdayPurseday!

This is my "killing aliens" face. I know.

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Tuesday Shoesday

MAN I love Tuesday Shoesday! As I write this, it’s actually Sunday afternoon and I couldn’t be happier spending time with JLo (ignoring me while yelling at the TN Titans game), Fisher, and a bunch of pretty shoes. I had some inspiration strike with this first pair of shoes–they’re from flippin’ PayLess of all places! I’ve never had much luck in Payless, but it never hurts to look when they have bargains. It’s not guaranteed these shoes would be very comfy, but they sure do look cute. I love a pair of Oxford heels, assuming they’re not so tall that I’ll be ready to get them the hell off my feet 10 minutes later (oh, let’s face it, that’s every pair of heels on me. Anything that isn’t a sneaker, flip flop, or boot makes my feet cranky). Check out these pretties!

Love this pair so much. The color, the cut, AND the price. I might go buy these JUST for a vintage shoot I want to do. I mean, at just 30 bones, I could afford to!

Fioni “Harlee” Lace Up Shootie $29.99 at Payless!


I’m not Jessica Simpson’s biggest fan, but I do think she can design some pretty shoes. Want proof? At almost $100, they’re a little steep for my wallet, but I sure like to look at these babies. How sleek are these with a pencil skirt and black stockings?!

Jessica Simpson "Kakie" $98.95


Love these pink ones with the bow for laces! An especially nice girly twist on what can sometimes be a stuffy shoe style.


Okay, not so Oxford-y, but Nine West shoes have always been a girl’s best friend. These are beautiful and come in other fun colors; I just happened to like the charcoal sparkle best!

Nine West "Expoze" $89

This one is a little less Oxford school girlish and more “kick some ass, take names, and look hot doing it in military boots” but I was curious to see what everyone thought of these. I don’t know if I love them, but something about them grabs my attention. I just can’t put my finger (or toe, har har) on it!

Wild Pair "Alaina" for $79.95


Want more pretty shoes to get you through your Tuesday? Check out a few of my favorite ladies that always have fabulous shoe picks (and if I missed you and need to be in the loop, holla at me!):

Happy Tuesday Shoesday gals!

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